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Seyahat Sosyal Ağ
Geliştirici: Invenio Consulting S.r.l.

Habitour is an interactive platform that matches offer and demand of customized touristic services in the form of smart phone application.

It is an innovative tool for both cultural and commercial exchange conceived for all the people interested in; traveling, receiving a warm hospitality, experiencing a new place as if they were from there and living a vacation as a sort of adventure or quest for something truly unique and peculiar (habits/tradition/local rhythms).

Habitours mission is placing people (their habits, views and rhythms) at the center of a traveling experience. To do so it matches a local persons knowledge, habits and vision of his/her city with a visitors; needs, interests and curiosities.
Founded on the idea that each persons way of traveling can resemble or be shaped by his/her personality and aspirations, and is therefore unique. Habitour recognizes the existence of some aspects about traveling that are universal and common to everybody.
From having to interact with local people in a foreign language to acquiring primary services, from finding a comfortable, safe situation to meeting hospitable people and living a pleasant experience, there are certain aspects of tourism that attribute travelers a common uncomfortable sense of being strangers as well as a strong common desire for: understanding the context, feeling welcome and belonging.

Habitour believes everybody should contribute actively to the shaping of his/her locations reputation and international fame, simply because a residents local knowledge and admiration for its territorial and cultural gems has a strong traditional bond and is considered potential touristic content.

Contrary to conventional travel itineraries and offers, HABITOUR protects and sponsors each persons unique vision of their own city, their desire of sharing it with others and their will of making new acquaintances around the world.
Most of all Habitour is the innovative solution to an important common inquiry that concerns traveling in general: the curiosity of experiencing how it would be like to live there.

Habitour fulfills social, cultural and commercial needs related to traveling.

It re-thinks the concept of welcoming and hospitality, turning touristic destinations into living organism distinguished by the authenticity of a local persons capacity to offer customized Tours and services, according to their area of expertise, ways of living and perceiving the location.

Habitours democratic vocation gives any person or small private actor a valid instrument capable of increasing their job and networking opportunities in the service sector. In this sense Habitour is not only a matching platform between offer and demand of customized tours but also an innovative marketing tool for promoting any small or medium size traditional, artisan or niche: product, good or service.

Habitour is completely free for users who want to consult tours and offers. To publish offers users must be signed in and be a certified partner. To become a certified partner please send a request to

Habitours cultural vocation makes it a valid solution to the problem: not everybody can afford traveling. By making a clear distinction between a commercial offer and a cultural exchange offer it allows students, youngsters and or any person with limited resources to find a connection abroad available and interested in an exchange experience.

Bringing people together through cultural, linguistic or social experiences and exchanges not only enhances social cohesion by increasing intercultural tolerance and awareness but also represents a unique alternative to standard assimilated touristic offers, pointing the spotlight on the off-the-eaten path gems of a nation.

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